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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  June 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a state of emergency. >> it was blowing so hard it was unbelievable. >> funnel clouds and hail. >> it almost sounded like people were throwing things at the house, it was so weird. >> thousands of people left without power. >> tonight what happens next. >> these storms didn't hit everywhere but where they did hit, they hit hard. >> here's a look at where power outages stand tonight in the lehigh valley which was the hardest hit by this storm. ppl electric has more than 1400 outages in lehigh county and close to 700 in northampton
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county. first energy has more than 700 customers still in the dark in north hampton. >> we have live team coverage of the storms and their aftermath. we begin with george spencer in whitehall township. authorities declared a state of emergency. we've seen some of the pictures you've been sharing on social media. you found extensive damage? >> jim, only one week after the last major disruptive storms there is more damage to report. this is one family's drive way currently unusable. they have begun cutting up some of the trees here obviously, and removing some of the debris but quite clearly this job will take days. >> it's a pretty big tree all in itself. >> the crowns of the mighty pines were tossed to the ground from atop their trunk. now, the tree ripped right off its base crashing on top of a passing driver. >> i couldn't go around the corner here.
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>> john says the powerful winds all went in the same direction, leaving fields of grass looking like they had been coned straight. >> it sounded like a railroad train was coming. >> i've been here -- i'm 88 1/2 years old, i've never seen anything like this before. >> we declared a state of emergency. >> the township's mayor says early storm warnings allowed residents to find shelter. this tree crashed down on the playground of a day care only steps from children's toys as 24 young kids sat inside distracted by their teacher. >> we started singing and did whatever we could so they couldn't hear the noise outside and stuff like that. >> in the hardest hit neighborhood we found this five story crane lifting up a downed tree almost as large as a house. immediately ground into mulch on scene. we saw this tree tossed on it side with a full footprint of sod ripped up and this back
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porch roof over the patio it covered. the trail of damage from this hail filled storm which had almost everyone sheltering for safety. >> it almost sounded like people were throwing things at the house. >> reporter: back to these live pictures, you can see the power of the winds that moved through here, the mayor believes there were no injuries largely because of all the early warnings and because residents heeded the advice to shelter in place. live tonight in whitehall township, george spencer, nbc10 news. >> the water has receded in delaware county earlier this afternoon, rain led to flooding that trapped this car near the septa station. >> check out this apparent funnel cloud in the skies over berks county. viewers sent us this video from morgan town this afternoon. >> a river of hail in
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northampton county. this video came from a viewer. if you ever see news happening and you can take pictures safely, send your video through the nbc10 mobil app. time lapse video of the center city skyline, look at these clouds swirling above the city and then they clear out as quickly as they moved in. >> sheena some people are still seeing storms lasting into the night? >> we have a couple storms on the radar, things have really quieted down compared to earlier this afternoon, and yes, i think we will continue to see more showers and the potential for more storms overnight tonight. most of the area getting a nice break, now we look into parts of philadelphia near cheltenham abington, also moving into bensalem, this is one area where we do have locally heavy rainfall we could see windy conditions here. this will continue to move into bucks county.
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11:13, you can expect left town 11:17 and morgantown about 11:26. other than that we have a threat for flash flooding still, the heavy rain we had today, for areas north and west for the lehigh valley the poconos are under a flash flood warning until 10:00, as we go into the rest of this evening basically, we're going to continue with the flood danger for the poconos, you want to turn around whenever you see floodwaters, never drive through them it's incredibly dangerous. what's going to happen tomorrow through the overnight hours, we have a chance of seeing more showers or storms move through. for the morning commute, we can't rule out showers around but i think we'll see a dryer day as we go through part of your wednesday. coming up i'll continue showing you timing for the rain also for the fourth of july forecast straight ahead. >> if you have the nbc10 mobil app, you were getting severe weather alerts as these storms rolled through. if you don't have the app, it's
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time to get prepared. tonight a new clue in the murder of an 85-year-old woman in philadelphia. police are trying to figure out whether a knife found in a church playground was the weapon used to slash her throat. >> denise nakano is live tonight at police headquarters. officers are trying to figure out if something was on that knife someone wanted to hide? >> the knife had been wiped down, now the knife and her recovered car will be processed for dna and fingerprints. tonight's soaking rain could not keep 30 neighbors from lighting candles and sharing stories about their neighbor and friend regina bruener. >> it's amazing how many people showed up in the rain that shows what kind of person she was. >> neighbors came together hours after her missing corolla was recovered this morning. she spotted the car matching the
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description and contacted police. >> what goes through my mind that's somebody's mother somebody's grandmother. and why? >> investigators also found a wiped down knife in the rear playground of a church not far from the crime scene. detectives have not determined whether it's the knife used to kill bruener in her east mt. airy home. like her car, it provides them with other potential clues. bruno's son discovered herb body in her bedroom yesterday. her throat slashed. investigators say whoever killed her stole items from her home cars were used in several locations by more than one person person. police are trying to track down video surveillance from various businesses. just hours after announcing -- >> i'll tell you what i think, if you like it great, if you
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don't, my goodness there's 13 other candidates to pick from. >> hours after announcing that run for president, he travelled to new hampshire for his first campaign stop, a town hall the first of three he will hold in the state, and the republican candidate was outspoken as ever. >> believe me i'm used to cleaning up barack obama's messes. >> chris christie wasted little time before going on the offensive at his first town hall as a presidential candidate in new hampshire tonight. from fighting terrorism -- >> why are our allies nervous and why are our adversaries aggressive? >> because america is now seen as weak. the president is seen as someone who's not good to his word. >> we need to make sure that we take the power away from these teacher's unions and put it back in the hands of parents and communities where they belong. >> christie first announced he was running this morning at his high school alma matter in
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livingston, new jersey. he sat down for an exclusive interview with nbc's matt lauer who asked how the governor stacked up against a crowded republican field. >> the biggest problem with so many people getting attention, i never had a problem getting attention. >> the governor's announcement followed more than two years of slipping approval ratings in february 2013. christie had a favorable rating of 70% among new jersey residents by april of this year that number had dropped to 38%. another republican presidential candidate jeb bush released 33 years of his tax returns today. they reveal the former florida governor has a net worth of 19 million and $22 million. over the years he paid an average federal income tax rate of 36%. bush noted that his tax rate is higher than the 30% rate hillary clinton paid last year. in 2013, bush reported more than $7 million in total income. another republican
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candidate, donald trump filed a $500 million lawsuit against univision today. the company violated his first amendment rights by dumping his miss usa pageant. univision called the lawsuit factually false and legally ridiculous. the state department released about 3,000 pages of hillary clinton's private e-mails from 2009 that was the democratic presidential candidate's first year as secretary of state. the e-mail which covered march through december of that year, were posted on line as part of a court mandate. preparing for the pope. your best chance to see the pontiff during his trip to philadelphia. plus pennsylvania's governor says he's vetoing the budget bill what happens after the midnight deadline. a grandmother's survival story. how a t-shirt soaked in water helped her live through being trapped in a ravine for days. after a lot of severe storms
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this afternoon, now we have more storms in the area. what you can expect from your morning commute and if any storms will be impacting your fourth of july forecast next.k6/
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developing now, tom wolf has vetoed the entire republican budget bill, this announcement came a short time before the state government's fiscal year ends at midnight. republicans set the $32 billion no new taxes bill to the democratic governor after negotiations between the two stalled in recent weeks, the bill just doesn't work. >> it doesn't work, it's not balanced. it doesn't meet the challenges pennsylvania faces. >> republicans fired back with the governor in a news conference late tonight. this is governor wolf's veto in his more than five months in office. here's what you can expect without a new budget after midnight tonight. state agencies and offices will
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operate as usual, as would public safety agencies like state prisons and the state police, but billions of dollars in state aide to local school districts, that will remain in limbo. we learn that june 6th was not the first day those two convicted killers made it outside that prison in upstate new york. david sweat tells authorities, there was a dry run the night before. sweat was shot and captured sunday, he and richard matt actually popped a manhole and got a look outside during their practice run, they decided it may not be the best spot to exit from, they used a different manhole the next day. officers shot and killed richard matt last friday. we're expecting an announcement tomorrow that the united states and cube about will soon open embassies in each other's capitols. the senior obama administration official says an agreement has been reached to re-establish
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diplomatic relations. the agreement means the u.s. embassy in havana and a cuban embassy in washington will be open for the first time in more than 50 years. starting tomorrow philadelphia homeowners can begin preparing for the hope in a new way. city residents can rent out their homes during events like the papal visits. the pope's official schedule has been released. let's begin with saturday september 26th. the very first thing on the agenda is at 10:30 a.m. when he celebrates mass. thate e mass will be attended by priests and deacons and not the public. the next public event is at 4:45. he will visit independence mall. at 7:30 the main event is the festival of families right along the ben franklin parkway. now, let's move on to sunday. that morning at 9:15 pope francis meets with the bishops
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in wynnewood, at 11:00 a.m. he will greet prisoners and their families at the fromhold correction facility. and finally, the mass to wrap up the world meeting of families. he's also slated to visit washington and new york. philadelphia is the star of the show. the pope flies out of philadelphia back to rome sunday night. when the poep's itinerary was released today, thousands of you wlerned about it first on the nbc10 news app. three sprites and a t-shirt soaked in water, that's all a grandmother needed to survive the two days she was stuck in a texas ravine. she swerved to avoid something in the road.
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she was able to pull herself through a broken windshield, she couldn't make the long climb back up to the road. a search team found her on sunday. her family is amazed by her will to survive. >> she just kind of laid her head on a rock and she she kind of soed up the water that had run out of the car, and survived on the water and three sprites. >> gloria fractured her back, but she's in good condition tonight. check out these ominous clouds in chester county tonight, an nbc10 viewer sent us from west goshen township as storms loomed nearby. >> quite a soaking in center city tonight. not fortunate enough to have an umbrella like this guy did in the area of 12th and vine. sheena's been tracking severe weather since this afternoon. >> we're seeing things really
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starting to quiet down however, we could see more showers and maybe even more thunderstorms through the overnight hours, keep that in mind as you're sleeping you may hear that rain once again, most of the area seeing a nice break from the rain. one thunderstorm which is fairly small, but pretty strong here right around rehoboth beach and lewes delaware this one could be producing hail. lightning in the storm, and heavy rain. it's a very small isolated thunderstorm. middletown township this one really starting to rain itself out. we are watching more storms off to the west this one right south of harrisburg and about to move into lancaster county shortly, that's a pretty strong thunderstorm, we'll be watching that one as well. more down to our south, moving into maryland right now. we'll see if these storms are holding together across
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virginia. we can't rule out the chance for more scattered showers or thunderstorms. take a look at the storm reports from today, we had three tornado warnings today, a lot of wind damage across the area, a lot of hail reports too. localized flooding mostly confined to the lehigh valley and the poconos. chester county and the lehigh valley including north hampton and lehigh saw a majority of the storm damage. what you see here is a description of some of that storm damage. this is in north hampton county 4 to 5 homes damaged, and that would mean wind damage in this case. we had very high winds, in that area, that's where we had that tornado warning earlier this afternoon. future weather as we go through tonight. picking up on the potential for more showers or storms to move through. morning commute tomorrow i think we'll be dryer than we were this afternoon, we cannot rule out morning showers for your commute. not going to be a washout, though. we're going to go through the afternoon, seeing improving conditions. at least a stray shower or
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thunderstorm in the forecast. thursday we start off with more clouds moving in for thursday and then the rain comes back we're stuck in this unsettled pattern as we end out the week and possibly go into your workweek. rain could be confined south. we'll be watching your friday forecast and even into the weekend. so far for your fourth of july weekend if you're headed to the jersey shore or delaware beaches, still a chance for thunderstorms saturday. some of the models agreeing on the rain this weekend, so far i'm going to throw a chance of a thunderstorm in, either way, it's not going to be a wash out all weekend. sunday looks good. showers and possibly some scattered thunderstorms overnight. 59 for the low in philadelphia. mid-60s north and west. tomorrow morning a chance of a shower. i don't think it's going to be like today. we could see the chance of a thunderstorm mid to upper 80s through the afternoon tomorrow. still hot and humid, as we go into wednesday. thursday 87 degrees, we have a
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chance of showers around still, mostly south. friday could see the same thing, watching the rain chance into the weekend, the weekend is not going to be a washout. i think sunday looks good. the weather delaying the philly's game tonight. we'll hear from the manager the rest of the season. a soccer player from the delaware valley kicks the women's team into the u.s. cup finals.
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soccer. top chef. soccer. top chef.
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[whi stles] soccer! top chef! [shouting] disco! [singing] say it and see it. the x1 voice remote, only from xfinity. i'm john clark, with comcast sportsnet, the u.s. women's soccer team is headed back to the world cup final, head to head against germany in the semis today.
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usa's morgan bryant and germany's alexander pop bloodied and bandaged up. she's okay. carly lloyd scores in her third straight game. usa wins 2-0. carly lloyd wants to win the world cup on sunday. it's a dream come true. this is what we trained for, this is the blood, sweat and tears, everything i know this is a great game. my eyes are on the final now. >> making south jersey proud. pete mccannen will be the manager for the rest of the season. the phillies will hire their long term man, pete's happy to do it. >> it's a good feeling, i'm happy i know what my fate is toward the end of the season. looking forward to doing some good work. >> phils/brewers, cole hamels first inning trouble again.
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ramirez singles to center. the brewers are up #-0. ben revere doesn't care the phillies have the worst record in baseball. slides into the fence in the outfield. then in the sixth, carlos ruiz' first homer of the year for him. gives the phillies the lead. they trail 4-3 in the eighth. jaleel okafor throwing out the first pitch at citizens bank park. his hand engulfs the baseball makes the ball disappear. the width of his hand is almost a foot. look at this not bad. jaleel tells marshall harris he is here to work. >> i've always been a hard worker. i get my work done and i work extremely hard. i work as hard as i can to try
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to bring philadelphia some joy. >> that is your sports tonight, i'm john clark, we are right back.
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friday's the deadline for free money to local nonprofits that are making a difference. the project's called 21st certain tourry solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website eligibility requirements are there too. the deadline to apply is coming up this friday july 3rd. what a stormy night, sheena. we have a lot of storms this afternoon, and a lot of severe storms aside from the three tornado warnings across the area. we are mostly in the clear, i say mostly because we have more storms off to our west-southwest, some of these could be moving in overnight tonight. now, the severe thunderstorm watch that ended at 8:00 p.m. tonight, but we could see more overnight tonight.
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we could see a few showers in the morning. overall, the chance of thunderstorms increases thursday into friday. >> for sheena and all of us thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... don't miss the lowest prices of the season, going on now sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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